Writer’s Self-Assessment

 Writer’s Self-Assessment

By now you will have gained some insight into your specific writing skills. Through the Discussion, you may have found that your colleagues have similar writing strengths and areas for improvement. Please remember that the Discussion forum is a great opportunity to support each other as you work through the weeks’ Learning Resources and Assignments.

In this week’s Assignment, you will build on the Discussion in which you analyzed your writing skills. You will cite specific examples of instructor feedback or past assessments that illustrate your writing skill opportunities and strengths. You may also reference any relevant feedback from Discussion responses you received this week.  This Assignment is designed to help prepare you for subsequent weeks’ work, when you will practice using strategies and skills to develop an effective writing process.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • In      addition to addressing specific skills covered in the Discussion, consider      writing feedback you received from other sources, such as past instructors      or assessments.
  • Consider      any specific issues, problems, concerns, and strengths. Use the Learning      Resources for this week to guide you through your reflection.
  • Review      common writing terms from the Walden University Writing Center website,      found in the Learning Resources.

The Assignment:

Compose a 2-page reflective essay in APA format with at least 3 scholarly references from the list below examining your experiences with writing. Use the information in the “Writer’s Self-Assessment” document (see attached file) as a starting point but also consider feedback obtained from Instructors and other sources. Include all level one headings as numbered below:

1) Identify the strengths in your writing and why you believe these to be your strengths. 

2) Elaborate on the specific areas for improvement you identified in your Discussion. Include examples. This is your opportunity to let the instructor know the types of issues you would like to address during the class.

3) Describe any guidance on those areas from the Learning Resources, the Discussion, or (if applicable) your Graduate Writing I instructor.

4) Based on that guidance, briefly describe any actions you might take to further develop your scholarly writing.


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