write The Effect of Website Design on the Consumer Satisfaction in Online Shopping

For this assignment you will submit a half draft of your Capstone Project, Thesis, or Thesis prospectus as an attached file.

A half draft should be viewed as half of your actual Project so take a look at your outline and gauge what is an academicially honest half-way point and write to that point or beyond.

At a minimum, I am expecting an APA cover page, an Executive Summary or Abstract, and a Table of Contents to be submitted along with your half draft which should take the reader through to a completed Literature Review.Please read the pdf Transforming the Working Outline into a Table of Contents.pdfView in a new window to assist you in transforming your outline to a Table of Contents. This file will assist you in creating different level headings within the body of your work.

Also be sure that you prepare an APA formatted reference page.

All this will be submitted as one file.

please follow the working outline pdf.

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