What impact does organization culture have on employee communication between Military and civilians

Research paper must reflect master’s level writing. The papers should be of sufficient depth to deal

completely with the issue. Minimum length is 8 pages with a maximum of 10 pages. must follow the most recent edition of the

A.P.A. Publication Manual, when submitting the paper.

Paper Format

Title Page. The title should be descriptive and suggest the paper’s purpose.

Table of Contents.

An introduction(executive summary), body of paper, and conclusion.

Reference List (every citation, in the text, must be correctly listed in the reference Llst). There must be 6 to 10 scholarly

references per paper.

Must use the Eight tactics can help change agents deal with resistance to change in paper..

Organization Culture and Change



◦Building support and commitment

◦Develop positive relationships

◦Implementing changes fairly

◦Manipulation and cooptation

◦Selecting people who accept change


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