Week Six post Policy

For this week’s discussion:

Choose one of the following discussion question options to answer in your initial post. Please review the Discussion Rubric for detailed requirements of your posts. When you click “reply”, change the subject line to read either “Option 1 or 2”.

Option 1:

Search the internet for a recent health policy issue or research report that was highlighted in the news. A good source is on the Kaiser Health News website www.kaiserhealthnews.org

Discuss the issue/research and why you believe it was newsworthy. What are your personal thoughts on the issue? How does the issue affect nursing practice, healthcare quality, access, or cost?

Option 2:

How can policy support technology in healthcare? What policies currently exist and what role do nurses have in them? What strategies can nurses employ to influence the development of health policy related to the use of technology for quality care?

One of your peer posts must be to a student who chose a different question option than the one you discussed in your Initial response post. 


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