week one research

What is research?What is the scientific method?What are your research interests?Identify a recent peer reviewed original research article in your area of interest (within the last 2 years) and report the following:How would you cite and reference the article?Explain what a secondary source citation is and write a sentence using a citation found in your selected article to illustrate how to cite a secondary source.What makes this work original research? Define this term and explain why.Is the research applied or basic research? Define these terms and explain why.Identify the gap in the literature the author identifies as a basis for their current study. A gap in the literature refers to the literature review the author’s provided. It is where they identified what is lacking in the research and what still needs to be investigated. It provides the impetus for their current study.Identify a possible gap in the literature based on the author’s suggestions for future work. This is often located in the discussion portion. The author will review how their current study addressed their research question and gap and what is still unknown. The unknown is the possible new gap in the literature and offers an area for future research.https://youtu.be/1VtA-8PMty0

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