Week 7 Policy

Choose one of the following discussion question options to answer in your initial post. Please review the Discussion Rubric for detailed requirements of your posts. When you click “reply”, change the subject line to read either “Option 1 or 2”.

Option 1:

Part I:  Search the American Nurses Association (ANA) issues and bills being supported from the following website:


Part II:  Search the Florida Nurses Association (FNA) issues and bills being supported from the following website (if you reside in a state other than Florida, research your state nurses association website):


Then answer all of the following questions in your response:

Discuss a bill of interest to you. Do you agree with the position of the nursing organization (ANA or state association)? Why or why not? Describe how nursing organizations work to promote policies that are patient-centered and move the profession forward?

Option 2:

Choose ONE of the Future of Nursing recommendations- describe how that recommendation has the opportunity to transform the health care system to provide seamless, affordable, quality care that is accessible, patient centered and evidenced based with improved health outcomes. In what ways do nursing organizations support the Future of Nursing?

One of your peer posts must be to a student who chose a different question option than the one you discussed in your Initial response post.


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