week 7 major paper

For this paper, you will submit a research scenario for your research question and hypothesis.  Use the work you have been working on throughout this class and select the BEST method to test your hypothesis.The major assignment for this course is a paper in which you will develop a research proposal for an empirical investigation of a psychological topic of interest to you. This proposal will outline a study you would like to conduct and it will follow the expectations for the content and format of an APA-style research manuscript. In this paper you will include a literature review (your own synthesis of prior research and theory that forms the rationale for your proposed study); a statement of hypotheses (pose specific research questions and predict what the nature of the relationship would be among the variables you are proposing to study); a complete method section (e.g., participants, sampling methods, experimental design, procedures, measures/instruments, etc.); a statement of your expected results; and discussion of possible limitations of your proposed study.The content and format of your Project paper will mimic the structure and content of a research article published in a peer-reviewed scientific article. It should follow the general guidelines in your syllabus regarding Psychology Research Papers (APA format and Keiser cover page, 15-20 pages, at least 10 peer-reviewed academic journal articles) and is due for submission by the end of Week 7.

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