week 6 written assignment

Week 6 Written Assignment


  • Week 6 Written Assignment

    Note: Please check the syllabus for all assignment due dates.Week 6 Written Assignment____________________________________________Read the ARTICLE_Week5_The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster case located in your course resources folder (located at Start Here).
    Prepare your case analysis of the Challenger disaster.
    Your case study should be a graduate-level APA paper and in “case study format” (see handouts in course resources folder at Start Here link).

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  • Week 6 Written Assignment

    Click on the link directly above entitled “Week 6 Written Assignment” to submit your Week 6 Written Assignment to receive a grade. You have 3 chances to upload your assignment, return to check the SafeAssign score, make corrections if needed, and press START NEW for the next upload. When you are satisfied with the last upload, stop submitting. The last submission will be graded. When you select START NEW, you will lose access to the previous versions and their SafeAssign scores. So, copy these if you need them while you are making corrections.

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