Week 4 Journal:

As you approach the end of what may be your final course in your undergraduate journey, continue to reflect on who you are and what your goals are.(Working one on one with children and having a career in child advocacy)Before beginning this journal,Select a quote from someone that you believe embodies your values, goals, self-worth, etc.For example: “Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.” (Denis Waitley)In your journal,Include the quote you chose.Explain why this quote is meaningful to you and embodies your current situation as applied to your goals after graduation. (Working one on one with children and having a career in child advocacy)Create your own quote—something you would share with others that you believe profoundly represents who you are. Remember this is not to be someone else’s quote. This should be something that you develop, so make sure to not search for a quote from someone else.Explain why you think you have created a successful quote that embodies your goals, values, or overall self.No references required for this assignment.

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