week 3 discussion

For this week’s discussion we will continue with your research hypothesis from last week.Apply last week’s feedback to your background paragraph and your hypothesis (H1 and Ho) and post them at the top of your response.  Continue with the following:This week define and include an example of a sample based on your research.  Include a description of the type of sampling to be used, the recruitment procedure, the population, and the sample.Post your initial post by Wednesday and make sure to check back regularly to respond to questions and comments. You are required to respond to posts from your professor.   Make sure to post to at least two peers with substantive feedback, questions or insights.  The discussion is an important part of the learning process in this class- Let’s use it wisely! It is wonderful to let your peer know they are doing a great job or their topic is interesting, however, substantive feedback will help your peer in development of their understanding of the material.Present your work in APA style with  primary and secondary source citations and references, as needed.

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