Using Evidence-Based Practices

For the first part of this discussion, address the following, using your readings and other resources you have identified to support your position:Identify a presenting issue that is typically seen at your fieldwork site. This might be something like trauma, grief, chronic illness, domestic violence, and so on.Locate at least one article in the current professional literature that discusses evidence-based approaches for working with this type of issue.Summarize the key points of the article in your own words (do not use any direct quotations):Describe the article’s position on the most effective approaches or interventions that can be used when working with clients who present this type of issue.What is your own response to these findings? Are these the types of interventions used at your fieldwork—or that you would consider using yourself?What other approaches do you think might also be effective when working with these presenting issues?Support your ideas with reference to the literature or specific examples of your own experience in working with clients.RESOURCES:American Counseling Association (ACA). Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA).

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