Training, Recovery and Sleep

Discussion 3

Based on all the information we have listened to and read over the last few weeks we have learned that it is not only about the training. In fact, it’s not only about nutrition and training. It is about Nutrition, Training, Recovery, and Sleep. It is about athlete awareness and asking the right questions. It’s about mindset, the way players and ourselves think and approach all of these things as well as everyday life. We have learned that all of these need to be done simultaneously well in order to set up the athletes for their best performance and health. Honestly, it is the same for non-athletes and coaches! Give me your thoughts on the above and how we can do a better job educating our athletes on self-care and how important it is in teaching them skills to lead a healthy life. In many ways, it’s also about educating ourselves as coaches as well, challenging our own ways and thoughts, and finding the best and most honest answers for our players and environments. This could be more challenging than educating our players possibly! What are your thoughts on this? What are some ways we can educate our student-athletes on the importance of this topic AND motivate them to actually do it? Give me your biggest takeaway from the Podcast. Be specific and give detail on why it is your big takeaway.

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