Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc. Experiential Learning Reflection

Experiential Learning Reflection: A three-page double-spaced reflection assignment is to be submitted one week after each tour. For each tour activity comment on (1) the value you received during this activity, (2) what fundamental principles, generalizations, or theories in Operations Management were you able to learn from this activity? (3) How did this activity help you apply the course material to improve thinking, problem solving, and decisions? Experiential Learning Reflection paper

Tour: Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc. (TMMI) Constructed in 1996, the TMMI plant located in Princeton, Indiana produces the Toyota Highlander, Sequoia, and Sienna. The plant employs over 4,500 workers.

red the slide before writing the toyota manufacturing just three cars Highlander, Sequoia, and Sienna in this plant

write three paper about toyota tour

here is a vedio about the plant

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