totally stressed and unhappy

You made a fine response to the discussion question. I felt your personal connection to the topic and also your passion for the profession. The point of interest you made was the negative impact of nursing shortage on the image of nurses. Not many people will consider a profession where all its members appear totally stressed and unhappy perhaps only for the salry or as a last resort.

One initiative being undertaken by a major company to improve the image of nursing is the websute built and supported by Johnson and Johnson ( Under the tab “Get the Facts”, the site informs the public about our present predicament regarding the nursing shortage and encourages viewers to pass the information on. There are many other helpful facts and options for those who may not have thought of nursing as a career to consider it. There are step by step guidelines for them.

I could not help but notice that there were only 33 likes and only 364 shares. Like you mentioned and charged us to do our part, I do think we should be telling others about this and other official websites like it and even encouraging young family members and friends; male and female to consider nursing as their career.


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