The Leader I Admire – Essay

Please meet the following criteria and questions need to be answered.

(3-4 Pages Double Spaced with References )

Write a short essay on a leader that you admire and who inspires you. Answer the following questions: What type of leader are they? What is their mission and purpose, their why? What problem in the world are they solving or sought to solve? What leadership theory or traits makes or made them an effective leader? What do you believe their core values to be? Do you trust this leader? If so, why? How do, or did they inspire you? If you could give one leadership recommendation to this leader, what would it be?


The purpose of this assignment is to see if you can clearly understand and apply leadership theory and knowledge, as well as understanding key aspects of leadership qualities including ethics and integrity.

Outcomes Met by Completing This Assignment

  • The students will be ethical leaders.
  • Learn business problems and issues that confront modern leaders.

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