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The clinical project’s adaptation

The clinical project’s adaptation in PG County was proposed due to the global effect of Covid-19. Since the pandemic had such a broad reach, it is imperative to study how management measures would be involved in the environment to manage Covid 19. The basis of containment is the adoption of social distancing since it ensures a decrease in the virus’s spread. The hospital in PG county has the main focus since it has been challenging to manage Covid 19 in the area. The county’s population is divided into 61% African American, 12 % White, and 13% Hispanics, resulting in the detailed study of containment measures in the local area. There was an increase in Covid-19 cases since social distancing measures were not focused on promptly as the proposals of mask-wearing, social distancing, and staying at home policies effectively manage Covid 19 in the area.


Clinical Problem Statement

A large sector of the population was seriously affected by the emergence of the disease. With an increase in the number of new cases as the disease spiked, PG county’s leadership was to be held accountable for their delayed response to the crisis. The county needed to have activated quality containment measures to reduce the spread of the virus. With knowledge about the transmission mode of the virus indicated by Studies done earlier in 2019, the leadership failed to activate preventive policies to protect the public immediately. Kim et al. (2018) stated that aerosols in saliva could travel up to a distance of one and a half meters. As such, the study is connected to the management of Covid 19 since it is an airborne disease.

The problem of management of Covid 19 is related to the disease’s mode of infection and the adverse outcomes it has created for many people. Joppolo & Romano (2017) researched that airborne diseases can travel for two meters. In this regard, the management of Covid 19 requires proper consideration of the persons involved to offer methods of reducing spread.

Purpose of Change Proposal

The healthcare system requires a proper transformation to engage with an appropriate change that improves healthcare. A reasonable change proposal is the public’s education concerning techniques of reducing the spread of the virus. This approach is practical since it offers management of the virus among the highly affected African American persons in PC county. The infected African American persons were at a higher risk of death once they got admitted (Gupta, 2021). The fact that the African American persons often engaged in social scenarios result in the change to manage the areas’ adverse issues. Improvement of patient care once the infected person got admitted is essential as it ensures proper management of the affected persons.

PICOT Question

“Will the spread of Covid-19 in PG county reduce after the Implementation of Early preventive measures of social Distancing, mask-wearing, and Nursing education, compared to Neighboring counties with more cases where such actions were not implemented to reduce the spread of the virus over the next few months?”

Literature Search Strategy Applied

The strategies I applied were using questionnaires and assessing research questions to available research and documents. The use of articles’ assessment is a practical approach since it creates knowledge related to a proposed strategy’s performance. It was possible to increase adaptation of social distancing, wearing masks, and staying at home since Kim et al. (2018) and Joppolo & Romano (2017) proved that airborne disease could travel up to a distance two meters. The use of questionnaires provided insight into the management of the virus since it is possible to assess how people respond to containment measures set up by the government. Comparing different populations and their response to the virus is another essential research strategy that informs about the quality of healthcare and improvements that can get conducted.

Applicable Nursing Theory Used

The nursing theory applied is the primary intervention strategy that focuses on patients providing high-quality care (Gaines, n.d.). The approach created positive outcomes since it was possible to manage care in relation to the public’s expectations. The initiative to reduce the spread of Covid 19 was possible as I adopted the social distancing technique to inform the public about containment measures. The care of patients was the main focus that enhanced improvement since it was possible to address common issues for people in quarantine. Management of patients is essential because it is possible to assess how people responded to the government’s regulations and containment measures. The fact that PG county had faced many management issues resulted in the focus on patient management to promote quality of care.

Proposed Implementation Plan

The quality care initiative was possible by applying social media to inform the public about containment measures. With the public’s expansion in social media use, I proposed educating nurses to gain understanding to improve their professional communication skills, health policy, and social media ethical competencies to reach the target population. It is an amazingly effective strategy because direct feedback can be obtained from live comments with direct interaction. The current environment has very many people using social media platforms since they are easily accessible.

The application of technology such as warning bracelets was effective in the management of Covid 19 since it was possible to monitor people’s movements and enhance social distancing initiatives. The technology of proximity sensors was highly effective in managing Covid-19 since it is possible to detect areas with a high likelihood of increasing infections. Even though the technology would be expensive, the quality of data and insight into the procedures’ management would have been possible in the PG county.

Application of Evidence-Based Practice for the Intervention Plan

The evidence-based solution for the management of Covid 19 at PG county focused on people’s engagement to improve their behaviors. The proposals of wearing a mask, social distancing, and public education effectively managed the health environment. The fact that PG county had not initially adopted Covid 19 management measures results in the new containment measures to offer better healthcare. The containment measures have not been effective in the global perspective since more people get infected. Regardless, it is imperative to adopt the containment measures in PG county to reduce spread as public participation increases.

Evaluation of Nursing Intervention

In evaluating the proposed measures, the independent variable is the adherence of public members to the containment measures and reduction in the spread of Covid 19. Nurses’ involvement and ethical behavior are critical since it impacts their patients’ capability to respond to treatment initiatives (Cherry et al., 2020). The proposed containment measures started showing outcomes since there was a slight decline in the virus’s increase. However, the African American communities still got affected in PG county. The activities of nurses had to transform to provide more effective care in the healthcare department. Nurses ensured proper management of the virus by assessing patient situations and determining appropriate treatment.

Identification of Barriers for Implementation

The Covid 19 containment measures’ main barriers are lack of proper adherence from people, limited capability to perform social distancing, and limited involvement by government agencies in the containment measures. The PG county assessment revealed that the area required more local government