Summary and PowerPoint for this fraud case

I want summary and PowerPoint for the attached file “Unimaginable Wealth”, and it’s from Computer Fraud Casebook.

1- The summary should be two pages including 1” margins on all sides, 1.5 line spacing, and Times roman, 11 point font.

2- And then I want you to prepare PowerPoint at least 14 slides, and all the information should be in it because I am going to read from the slides, and I want them to be clear and understood for my class mates. Also, I need Agenda” Outline” in the beginning, for example, background, characters, events, Lessons learned (you will find it in the end of the attached file), recommendations to prevent future occurrences (you will find it in the end of the attached file), conclusion, etc.

3- In addition, in the end, in a new word file, just answer this question for me. What do you think we should do to let this fraud to not happen any more? For example camera. Give me please five questions with its answers that you think my teacher or my class mates will ask me.

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