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General outlook

The general outlook of the website is the first impression for whoever visits the site. In this case, the website should be phased up with a better pictorial representation of what the organization is all about. The few pictures showing the operations of the organization help create curiosity to any visitor to the site and curiosity could provoke their desire to use the services of the company. On the other hand, it will act as a motivational factor. It could be hard to gain and maintain traffic with such a blank website in terms of color and physical appeal. The first this for the website should lift its face to something that is more pictorial and appealing hence attractive. The pictures and images should be of the products produced by the site. The client should be able to get an idea of what they expect from the site,


In another dimension, it is necessary to have the website include more information about the products, services, and operations as well as the policy of the company. That way, the access to more information allows the users of the site to have the ability to learn more from the site. It is the same information that should be accompanied by images that back up the information to communicate further and better. The website should include a home page that contains an introduction to the company as well as a provision of the section as and services involved in the organization. The policies and warning signs about access and any cases of copyright and fraud should be included. Each page on the site should contain enough information about its deliverables through introductions and details. It is also necessary to create shortcuts which can be used to access the different sections and levels of the site through pop-ups and


The different levels of the website such as sales and marketing and the general website should have exclusive access rights to differentiated levels of clearance in the organization. Each member using the site should have a unique identity that designates their access to the site and therefore making sure they can only access what is cleared for their level. For example, support staff members should not have the access to sales information since that is exclusive to the members of the accounts section. The site should also be open to the general public for simplicity of access. The site should have links that are used as promotional features around the internet and therefore automatically redirect the users to the open site from which they can access the services of the organization.


It is necessary to base the deliverable of the organization in such a way that they are easily accessible in a reliable and timely manner. That means the website should elaborate the details of the products being offered, It should be clear on timing hence indicate the time difference between time of ordering and the time of delivery of given services. Once the services or products are ordered, it should put out the format and procedure of obtaining the right product at the right time and methods of simplifying the process.

Alternatively, the website should manage the traffic of the completed transitions and the ration between the number of visitors and the number that actually complete transactions. That will enable the website to find recommendation of the way forward. There are two types of deliverable in this case. They could be services or physical products being marketed or promoted on the system. The visitors have an opportunity to find information and choose between the two deliverable as per their demand and then single out the order which is made precise. Feedback is key hence there should be an interactive capability by the system to share and promote the response from visitors and users.

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