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strategies of community health

Reflection Paper The final paper will be a reflection of the student’s course participation and what was learned in the presentations, discussions, simulations, genomics and genetics project, and the teaching project. Reflection papers are meant to summarize your impressions of a course in a few short pages (two- pages ) . They answer three basic questions: What, Why, and How. Most of the paper is aimed at explaining Why what you’ve learned was important and valuable. Finally, the conclusion demonstrates How the course influenced you, as well as How you’re going to use the material in the future. In this final reflection paper, students are responsible for: How were your personal learning objectives accomplished?How did the course activities connect with the assignments done throughout the semester? Does it affirm, challenge, illustrate the concepts and strategies of community health nursing?

3. What is your personal definition of service learning and your role in the community?

4. What is your personal definition of behavioral change? Do you feel the service you provided as a community nurse brings some form of strategies of community health behavioral change and why?

5. Please post a photograph/picture along with a summary describing how the photo/picture relates to your clinical experience and learning. Focus on metaphors, feelings, and how the experience reminded you of a prior experience

strategies of community health

strategies of community health