stereotypes about chicano community

  An essay 3 full pages. you must use 5 vocabulary words. Use MLA format.


Stereotyps can negatively label a certain population/community. While the group receiving the stereotype feels offended by whatever particular veiw of them, others can offen find it as a source of truth and even see it as humorous. But, in spite of the offnsive nature of stereotype, they are generally accepted and times do not find match resistanc from the receiving group. 


This has been especially true within the mexican-american community. Think about what is often said about this community: the lazy mexican, spitfire, gang member, etc…, these are clearly not positive images about chicanos.


What is it that makes it easy about these labels to accept? they are detested yet they are readily accepted by others communities.


so if there is such a disdain for stereotypes, why do you believe the cycle continues, especially within the Chicano community.


#Think about the video ( bangkok’s mexican gangsters )

# Consider the reading from ( Never marry a Mexican ) many different stereotypes and attitudes were addressed there as well.


Vocabulary words: abdicate,academic, acronym, acumen, addendum, ad hoc, adjacent, adulterate, affidavit, agenda , agnostic, alien, altruism, AM, ambivalent, annihilate, anonymous, apogee, archaic, belligerent, cardinal, caveat, cogent, concur, conjecture, criterion, decimate, demagogue, denizen, despot, dialect, didactic, echelon, epiphany, esoteric, ethos, exonerate, germane, gratuitous, hiatus, hybrid.

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