Statistical Inference 1

  • Write a 1–2 page analysis of an approach to gather data and statistically test a hypothetical assertion.Note: The assessments in this course build upon each other, so you are strongly encouraged to complete them in sequence.
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    After developing a hypothesis, you need to determine what data to collect and how to collect the data to be used in your analysis. Consider the type of analysis you will be performing on the data, the difficulty in obtaining the data, and the degree of confidence required in the data analysis and your conclusions. For example, will you be performing a random probability sampling for making statistical inferences about the sampled population or a non-probability sampling based on convenience, voluntary, or judgment sampling?

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    Questions to Consider

    To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of the business community.

    • What is a dependent sample and when will you use it? What are the advantages of dependent sample design compared with independent sample design?
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    Suggested Resources

    The resources provided here are optional. You may use other resources of your choice to prepare for this assessment; However, you will need to ensure that they are appropriate, credible, and valid. They provide helpful information about the topics in this unit. The MBA-FP6018 – Data Analysis for Business Decisions Library Guide can help direct your research. The Supplemental Resources and Research Resources, both linked from the left navigation menu in your courseroom, provide additional resources to help support you.

  • Assessment Instructions

    You are the manager of the Blander Mountain store in Frogtown, Illinois. Recently, a customer mentioned that he believed your prices for ammunition were lower than the prices of Blander’s primary competitor in the hunting equipment market. You would like to be able to include that statement in a forthcoming print advertisement, so you need statistical evidence to support this assertion.

    • Identify the null and alternative hypotheses needed to test the contention.
    • Analyze the most appropriate sample selection technique to gather data for testing the hypothesis.
    • Identify what statistical test you should use to test this hypothesis with the data you will collect.

    Compile your work in a 1–2 page Microsoft Word file, pasting in any graphics or tables you used in your analysis.

    Statistical Inference 1 Scoring Guide

    VIEW SCORING GUIDEUse the scoring guide to enhance your learning.How to use the scoring guide

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