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Soundtrack for a Revolution Forum

You will need to rent the film Soundtrack for a Revolution on Amazon Prime [$1.99] and watch it

Make an initial post to the discussion forum addressing these points:

  1. Prior to doing anything else, write down your initial response to the film. This will be the first paragraph of your response. Be descriptive and detailed.
  2. In the next paragraph(s), write about how your initial response has changed. Perhaps you have gained a new perspective on the whole and/or there are details from the film that you interpret differently now.
  3. After posting your response, please also respond to the views of at least two other students, adding substance to their contributions. Substantive posts are more than a simple agreement – you must add to the conversation meaningfully and advance the understanding of the topic.

This post will be graded according to the Forum Discussion Rubric and is worth 20 points toward your grade. Please review the rubric BEFORE you begin this assignment so you can ensure you get the most points possible.

Due Dates

  • Initial posts due: Wednesday, 11:59 p.m., CT
  • Response posts due: Sunday, 11:59 p.m., CT

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