SO1050 Sociology

How     do social structures affect the way we live?This       assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules and       readings.Throughout       your healthcare career, you will interact with a diverse group of       people. It is important to       understand how socialization and social structures affect how we act and       see ourselves and others. Practicing integrity, tolerance and respect are values which lead       to career Structure and InteractionAnswer the following questions.1. Which     of these is not generally considered a component of the social structure?Select only one.? societal     institutions? rules? values     and beliefs? social     roles2. A     status set comprises all the statuses that a person occupies at a given     time.Select only one.? True? False3. Occupation     is an example of a(n) _______ status.Select only one.? ascribed? evolving? primary? achieved4. Teacher,     student, professional athlete, rock musician, and homeless person are all examples of __________.Select only one.? roles? labels? statuses? classes5. Define and explain the difference between role conflict and role strain.Type answer here6. Describe a situation when you have experienced role conflict.Type answer hereClass and Stratification     in the United StatesAnswer the following questions.7. __________ is the sociological term for the hierarchical arrangement of large social groups based on the control of basic resources.Select only one.? Bureaucracy? Ethnocentrism? Social stratification? Social layering8. Among high-income nations, the United     States has the greatest amount of income inequality.Select only one.? True? False9. Poor people in the United States____________.Select only one.? have longer life expectancies? have children that are at much     lower risk of dying during their first year of life? receive     more preventive medical and dental checkups than do members of the middle     class because of welfare benefits? are at greater risk for heart     disease and cancer than more affluent persons10. Explain the difference between income and wealth.Type answer here11. Describe what you believe is meant by     the phrase “the American Dream.”Type answer hereGlobal StratificationAnswer the following questions.12.  Many of the poorest people in the world live in high-income countries.Select only one.? True? False13. __________     refers to countries with at least a moderate level of economic development and a moderate standard of living.Select only one.? First World? Second World? Third World? Fourth World14. The terms used to describe global stratification and economic inequality are the same today as they were 70 years ago.Select only one.? True? False15. Define the term: global     stratificationType answer      here16. Define and explain the differences between absolute and relative poverty.Absolute poverty:Type answer hereRelative     poverty:Type answer here17. A     politician once said: “The top 1% of wealthiest Americans own as much     wealth as 90% of the rest of Americans.” What do you believe to be     true and/or untrue about this statement?Type answer here

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