Should drugs be legalized

Legalization of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin often provokes intense disagreement among citizens as well as policymakers. Because legalization would create a market for these drugs, economists can provide helpful commentary based on consumer choice and demand.

To read about the current debate visit:….

Support for legalization does not divide easily along traditional political viewpoints. For a conservative group’s argument see the Cato Institute at:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) discusses the issue at:

By contrast, the US Department of Justice argues against legalization at:…

For additional discussion by mainstream economists see:

Brookings Institution (a private research group)…

National Bureau of Economic Research, “Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Use Respond to Price Changes”

Your final product will be a paper that:

Addresses the question above in total.

Is APA fortatted.

The body is to be 2 pages minimum.

The requirements for your assignment are:

1. Answer this question fully.

2. Define the overall subject for the question.

3. Cite at least three (3) resources from this week’s materials.

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