Short Written Assignment 2

This assignment is to answer Ch. 7 – Question 4 in Application Projects posed at the end of the chapter readings.

Ch. 7 – Question 4 in the Application Projects: Rate your performance as a morally responsible group member. What behaviors do you demonstrate? Need to develop? What steps can you take to improve?

You must read the chapter FIRST, and then answer the question in the paper.

Paper Submissions: Papers should be well organized, clear and concise. Use the following guidelines:

  1. Page: 2-3 pages
  2. Typed with 2.0 or 1.5 line spacing; 1” margins on all sides.
  3. 12-point font.
  4. Use at least on reference from this chapter. References should be listed at the end.
  5. Please do not exceed the page limit.
  6. Well organized. Use subheadings – they show your train of thought and help upgrade your thinking.
  7. Appendices as needed.

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