role of the Aboriginal

Interdisciplinary collaboration – Discuss the role of the Aboriginal and Torres trait Islander health worker. What strengths do they bring to the interdisciplinary team? What are their limitations? How do nurses and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers optimise each other’s role in this context?

Report presentation structure 

Individuals must address their allocated topic in their report. Your report should be structured as follows: 

1. Introduction – introduce your topic. 

2. Discussion – demonstrate your understanding of this topic through:

a. defining the associated key concepts 

b. discussing the contemporary relevance of the topic to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ health context. Use the prescribed readings and broader resources to support your discussion. 

2. Conclusion – summarise the main points of your report.

3.Your Report should be written in third-person style

· Times New Roman, font size 12.

APA 6th edition style referencing 

Include a complete reference list on a new page.


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