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Resourcing and Talent Management

Resourcing and Talent Management Assignment

Drawing on examples from your own organisation or one with which you are familiar, write a 3,000-word report to your new Director of HR whereby you identify the organisation’s approach to talent management (inclusive or exclusive) in relation to two distinct groups of staff (professional, administrative/support). Critically evaluate the implications the approach may have on the organisations’ retention strategies and succession planning of these staff groups while taking into account effectiveness, cost, equality, ethics and the legal implications of current practice. Provide a rationalised set of recommendations to address the issues identified to ensure the organisation’s talent management approach is equitable with regards to flexible working and diversity management. You should ensure that you include a detailed implementation plan, as an appendix, taking full consideration of timescales, requirements/actions, costings, success criteria, accountabilities and discussion of ROI (return on investment). Submissions with a word count of up to and including 3,000.  Appendix is not included in the word count. Havard Referencing. Credible and current references including papers can be included. Minimum 15 References please