research paper on communication differences of males and females

1. Make sure it has met the minimum page length requirement (5FULL double-spaced pages)with no unnecessary spaces to help meet length.** The title page DOES NOT count toward yourpage length. Do not stop writing just because you reached the top of the sixth page, you will losepoints for not meeting requirements.2. Make sure it is free of grammatical errors andtypos. I expect quality content from you all.Proof-read your paper! Or have a friendyou trust proof-read it for you?3. Points will be deducted if your paper is not in the correct format. You can look up the APAformat online if you need to. I am mainlylooking for:Times-new roman font, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, cover/title page, running title header, in-text citations, reference page, page numbers at the top. You do NOT have to do an abstract. Youdo NOT need a method or results section. Pet peeve: try to avoid using contractions (i.e., usecannot instead of can’t)and avoid asking your reader questions. You should alsoavoidusing“I,me, my, you, your, we, or our.”4. Make sure you have at LEASTfivereferences from peer-reviewed journals, articles, and/orbooks. You can count your text-book as one source. Cite all of your references in text and inyour reference page! The reference pageand title page doNOT count in your overallpagelength

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