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Submit your final paper individually as an attachment. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ELEMENTS OF YOUR PAPER AS ONE SINGLE DOCUMENT (in other words,DO NOT submit separate sections of the paper–e.g., title page, body of paper, reference page–unless you expect to lose major points).Please be sure to refer to the Research-Related Materials link to the left of the screen for writing tips and sample APA formatted papers. Upon completion, your paper should be at least 3 FULL pages in length, double-spaced, and properly APA formatted (it is HIGHLY suggested that you use the attached template to accomplish this requirement).Note: This paper SHOULD NOT include an abstract. Please be sure, also, to include BOTH citations and references within your paper. A paper that is missing either citations OR references WILL NOT be graded and will receive an automatic zero, as this would be considered plagiarism (both requirements are needed). Your paper will need to be submitted through SafeAssign by checking the appropriate box upon submission to check for plagiarism. A percentage of 25% or above that lacks proper use of citations and references WILL NOT BE GRADED–you may be able to check your results and resubmit before the due date, if necessary. (60 pts total)

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