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  1. The Great Depression – Crisis and Response of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government
  2. The Financial Crisis – Crisis and Response of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government
  3. The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy – mid 70s till the Financial Crisis of 2008
  4. Banking Regulation – Effects of Glass Steagall and Mc Fadden and their repeal, Effects of Dodd Frank
  5. Banking Industry – Competition and Consolidation
  6. Insurance Industry – Structure Competition and Management of Risk
  7. Exchanges – Development of Stock Exchanges (NYSE and NASDAQ), Commodities and Financial Futures Exchanges (CBOT CME and merger, CBOE) and Foreign Exchange Markets.
  8. Other Topics – You can also choose a topic of your interest – but it has to be topical with respect to the course – check with me if this is the case


Pick a number from above and write about it following the rubric, you can choose 1 of 8 so whatever you most comfortable with write about it.

  1. The paper should be single spaced and 3-4 pages long
  2. There should be an Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion
  3. The Main Body can have a title of your choosing and can have subsections
  4. If you cite someone else’s work, please put it at the end under References

This should cover a brief summary of the issue or market or Policy being discussed

Main Body:
This section must cover the following:

  1. Description of the Crisis or Policy or Market and Participants including relevant dates
  2. Changes that occurred in the above (for example worsening of a crisis, or new regulations affecting a market or sector)
  3. Resolution of the Crisis, current state of the policy or current state of market or industry

Briefly summarize your paper with some thought given to lessons learned from the crisis, policy or market

Spellings, Grammar and Typos

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