Psychology Powerpoint Assignment

In this course you are learning about cognitive development during four stages of life: infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence.For your final project you will begin by selecting one of these phases of development.  Conduct your own research (using at least 4 sources) on cognitive development that occurs during this stage.  Then you are to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (15-20 slides) designed for parents of a child currently in this stage of development.Begin your presentation by educating the parents on the development of basic cognitive processes, such as perception, attention, and memory during this phase.  In the second part of your presentation you should provide recommendations on how to enhance cognitive development during this stage.  Your recommendations should be specific and supported by your research.  You are also encouraged to use images and graphs to illustrate your information and suggestions.Please review the grading criteria below and let me know if you have any questions.Conducted research and thoroughly explained the cognitive development that occurs during the chosen stage of development40Provided specific recommendations supported by research to enhance cognitive development during this stage30Use and citation of at least 4 sources10Grammar, spelling, correct APA format, and inclusion of 15-20 slides20Total100

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