Promoting Population Health

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Choose oneof the following discussion question options and answer all questions related to it. Please review the Discussion Rubric for detailed requirements of your posts. When you click Reply, change the subject line to read either Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, or Option 4.

Option 1:  Promoting Population Health

New legislation in your state has mandated that the majority of funds allocated for public health efforts in your community be devoted to health promotion activities rather than to care of clients with existing health problems.  Some of the major health problems encountered in the state at this time include: 1)  cardiovascular disease, 2) domestic violence,  3) untreated mental illness; and 4) opioid addiction.

Please address ALL of the following questions related to this scenario:

-Which of these issues would be most amenable to health promotion strategies and interventions?  Why?

-Choose one of the four health problems listed above and design a set of interventions to address it.  How might you employ each of the four health promotion strategies discussed in chapter 11 to address the problem selected?

-Discuss the four P’s of social marketing related to the problem selected.  How might you segment your target audience?

Option 2:  Read and critically examine the article entitled Population-Level Intervention Strategies and Examples for Obesity Prevention in Children by Foltz et al (2012). The article can be found under the Week 4 Content folder.  

Answer ALL of the following questions in your post:

-Select and describe (in your own words) at least two of the intervention strategies outlined by the author that you think would work the best in your community. 

-Why did you pick those specific intervention strategies?

-What do you predict would be barriers to the two intervention strategies you selected?  Why?

-How could the use of technology such as novel electronic approaches, social media, etc. be implemented in the intervention strategies you selected? 

-How would you evaluate the success of the intervention strategies you selected? 

Option 3: Read the Influencing Housing Policycase study and answer the following questions:

  • What steps might the local population health nurses take to address the problems of intimidation by landlords?
  • What community groups might be appropriate coalition members in resolving this problem?Why?
  • What approaches might be taken in terms of policy development to deal with the landlord intimidation?
  • Are there specific government agencies that should be involved?If so, what are they and how would you promote their involvement?
  • How might local residents become actively involved in resolving this conflict?
  • What cultural considerations have relevance for this scenario and its resolution?

Option 4:Case Management, Health Policy Strategies, Community Empowerment, and Education 

You have just accepted your first job as a public health case manager. One of your responsibilities is to promote that health of your community by focusing on the health and safety of the local children. The area has low compliance with childhood immunizations. The affected children are usually not identified until they are ready to enter kindergarten. It is your goal to be proactive and decrease the number of children that are out of compliance and implement a system to help maintain up-to-date immunizations. In your post:

  • Identify and discuss the specific responsibilities of the case manager as it relates to the health and safety of the local children.
  • Present the current immunization legislature that supports your efforts. How does the Affordable Care Act effect immunizations?
  • Discuss how you might empower the community to support and eventually lead the charge for community immunizations.
  • Provide specific educational and programmatic strategies to offer the community.

Option 5:Community Empowerment

Select an issue of Community Empowerment in YOUR community.  This might be a chronic health condition, a recent crisis or disaster in the community, a health-related legislative concern or something else! 

Then, answer all of the following questions:

  • Describe the issue comprehensively.  Is the issue simply and easily explained by community members?
  • Will the issue unite community members and involve them in the problem resolution or divide them?
  • Is the issue consistent with the long-range goals of the community or clinical setting?
  • How does the issue affect community or organizational resources (financial, personnel, supplies, etc)?
  • Does the issue have the potential for creating new community partnerships?  Or new adversaries?  Why?
  • What is your prediction for the final outcome of the issue?


Please include the Option title in the subject line of your initial post. Follow the discussion rubric including a nursing, peer-reviewed journal article for initial responses. Responses to classmates must be to a topic other than your own.

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