Project proposal

Project proposal to teacher I AM DOING A PROJECT ON NURSING BURNOUT AND THE MANY THINGS THAT MAKE NURSES FEEL FATIGUE. LACK OF BREAKS, NURSE TO PATIENT RATIO, FORGETTING TO PEE AND EAT AND TAKE BREAKS ECT…. I NEED TO GIVE MY TEACHER A PROPOSAL PAGE BEFORE I DO THE PROJECT HERE IS WHAT HE WANTS. Topic. Rationale for choosing the topic. Introduction to the problem. At least one goal. At least three behavioral objectives Bloom’s Taxonomy: Cognitive, psychomotor & Affective domain Teaching strategies (research and prepare a poster board, Flip chart, PowerPoint presentation, or other visual aids) Evaluation method/tool (pre-test, post-test, return demonstration, etc.) Conclusion. References (at least 4-6 relevant and current evidence based peer reviewed articles)


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