Primary Care Clinic

Lippincott Clinical Experiences Simulation-Case Management-Transitions of Care: Primary Care Clinic (3 hours clinical equivalency)


These are the instructions for accessing the Lippincott Clinical Experiences Simulation.

1. If you don’t already have access to Lippincott CoursePoint for Community, Public, and Population Health Nursing, redeem your ACCESS CODE (obtained from the bookstore) and complete registration at

2. From the â€œMy Content” page, click on Lippincott CoursePoint for Community, Public, and Population Health Nursing.

3. On the welcome screen or from â€œMy Classes”, select â€œJoin a Class”, enter your CLASS CODE (from bookstore) and click â€œEnroll”.

If you experience any problems, check the code again and re-enter it. If it does not work, contact Lippincott Online Product Support at 1-800-468-1128 or for assistance.

Not sure what an ACCESS CODE is?Learn more at

You must successfully complete MODULE #7 in the Lippincott Clinical Experiences (located on The Point) to earn 3 hours of clinical equivalency.

MODULE # 7:  Case Management-Transitions of Care: Primary Care Clinic

                    Activity:  Post-Activity Quiz–Complete the post-quiz activity that is located on thePoint for this module

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