As promised, here are the instructions for the final paper due May 20th (20% of the final grade) and a 5 minute in-class presentation of the paper either on May 6th or May 13th (10% of the final grade). After next week, Thursdays will be allocated to working on your individual presentation and papers.Subject:****** My topic is autism in children/adolescents *******Presentation of the paperThis is based on the paper you started to write/you’re writing and in either powerpoint or word to share on Zoom, whichever is easier for you and helps you – but the point is to talk about your work for 5 min:·      introduce your topic·      present your research question ·      describe what format/method you’re using (lit review? observation? case study? biography?) ·   explain why this seemed to be the best format you’re writing that briefly describes and asks questions about your study ·     describe how this project idea relates to developmental psychology, with an example – for example, if you’re doing a literature review, present the variables you’re researching; if you’re doing an observation, present the children (age, gender etc), activity, environment, setting, social interactions (even if you have not undertaken the observation yet)See paper instructions below on what to write. Also please find on Blackboard under ‘Course Documents’ — ‘Samples For Final Research Project’ what students previously have done in other classes.PaperYou will be producing a final paper on a topic of your choice from the field of developmental psychology, around 6-8 pages (double-spaced). In line with our readings and discussions, it can also expand to be about family or social service issues. Please when you pick your topic during the term, let me know which week, chapter, readings, subfield that it is related to and run your idea with me (by the end of March) so that we will decide together whether it is feasible.Some project format ideas:Literature review with an argument:If you choose this option, you can get some ideas from our discussion questions to conduct your literature review. You are free to ask ‘how’ questions (i.e. how does attachment develop in infants?) as well as questions looking at association between variables (i.e. is there a relationship between authoritarian parenting and self-esteem (or academic achievement etc…) in middle childhood?). Simply anything that has interested you in the course based on the lectures or discussions. You can also draw on our discussion questions we pose weekly. Please try to use around 8 research articles that look at the question you’re interested in and is looking at the definitions and variables you draw on. You can also use some of the articles we read during discussions, or draw from the references included in our textbook.But for further support that is essential for your research, start your research at google scholar or Baruch library website (from databases please pick PsyInfo or related psychology or social sciences data bases where you can find relevant literature) and type keywords: – P – Databases – Research Guides at Baruch College646-312-1600 151 East 25th Street, New York, NY  Observation of children’s interaction or play in your household or family setting:  In a household or family setting, observe a child or a group of children who are playing. Provide information on ages of children and describe what you see in terms of play environment, types of play and social interactions (and what you see relevant that you would like to mention) and what is significant in your opinion about it. Make sure to refer to some theories that explain play and play behavior that we covered in the class, by also finding additional resources to cover that.Case study of a children’s organization or a community organization working for children or families (in your neighborhood, home country, or if it’s a large international organization, choose their particular program or operation):Describe the organization, brief history, its vision and mission, what they’re doing, how they evolved, who they are providing services for: as you do that you can do a review of news article or a historical review of policy documents on the organization.Movie/series or book critique: Make sure to both summarize and then go on critiquing the book and the movie. You can also use one of the options below, or choose your own book or movie that centers on a child’s perspective, childhood, play, adolescent, aging, or family issue/setting/relationships.Biography of a child psychologist/researcher/child or play advocate (you can use a mixture of library website research + news articles + opensource textbooks or a movie)

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