The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about a specific agency and present/display their learning in a professional manner. Students should choose either the organization in which they plan to complete their practicum or an organization that closely meets their specific professional interests Students should also make every effort to complete this assignment with a thoughtful plan and a professional approach. The Organization Analysis will be evaluated on the following: the degree to which all elements of the curriculum are incorporated into the project, the evidence of preparation and effort exhibited, the relevance of the project to those in the community impacted by the organization, professionalism demonstrated during the presentation, and the overall organization and clarity of the project design.Each student will be allowed 10 minutes for the organization presentation. Students must develop a PowerPoint presentation with voice overlay to facilitate the presentation. This assignment carries 15% of the final grade.Inclusion of Required Elements _____ History and Mission_____ Scope of Services_____ General Overview of Clients/ Consumers of Services_____ General Overview of the Needs of Clients/ Consumers Served_____ Primary Referral Streams_____ Funding Sources_____ Estimated Budget(s)_____ Primary Laws and/or Public Polices Linked to and/or Impacting the Organization_____ SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) Analysis _____ MSW Employment Requirements and Opportunities_____ Organization and Key Leadership Points of Contact

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