Politics Week 4 Peer #1

For this week’s discussion:

Choose one of the following discussion question options to answer in your initial post. Please review the Discussion Rubric for detailed requirements of your posts. When you click “reply”, change the subject line to read either “Option 1 or 2”.

Option 1:

Explain how patient engagement benefits health care policy. What are specific actions that health professionals can take regardless of their practice area and site to promote health for the populations in this week’s readings?

Option 2:

Describe the role of nurses in technology use for home and hospice care. What are the strengths and barriers to health care access, quality, patient safety, and costs associated with the use of technology? What policies are in place for its use by nurses?

One of your peer posts must be to a student who chose a different question option than the one you discussed in your Initial response post.

Reply to Caleb’s post

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