Pick a specific company and single product its supplies to the Market

* Pick a specific company and single product its supplies to the Market “do not choose the example given in the uploaded file” Choose any well-known company and its product.

*Find specific changes in TWO or more Background Factors of supply over the last 5 years (2012-2017). For example Tax and Resource cost.

The essay needs to hit the point from the first paragraph, which means there is no need to write like the formal essays, no need for introduction, conclusion paragraphs. just start you strong opinion about the product and answer the questions in the file below. write 4 to 6 paragraphs in total of 200 words.

* Also, It must be 200 words in total only the paragraphs. If the total of words become 201 I will lose points.

* Only the paragraphs has to be 200 words, no more than 200 words, the reference page does not count.

*You have to use 5 sources to support your idea.

*For the quotes you use from the 5 sources, just put the last name of the author and the page number, such as (xxx, 45)

*Put Reference page for the five sources.

* Do not choose any phone company or Mcdonald’s. Pick something Well-known. Mercedes for example

* I need the essay to be in normal english , high school level, I don’t want it to be high level or difficult words.

* You can post a graph or 2 to support you point, and they are not count for the 200 words.

The format is Single-spaced 11 Font , and others in file posted below.

Thanks in advance,

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