physician behavior, medical procedures,

I agree with the article that nursing practices, physician behavior, medical procedures, and men are all ways in which the media sends incorrect messages about nursing. Of these four ways, the portrayal of men really sticks out. It is unfortunate that the male nurse is either non-existent in Hollywood, or portrayed at the stereotypical gay male nurse. Sadly many young men are deterred away from the profession because of the negative stereotypes that are placed on the male nurse (Berkowitz, 2016). A particular movie that comes to my mind when I think of the way that male nurses are depicted in Hollywood is “Meet the Fockers”. Gaylord Focker is a male nurse who is criticized and ridiculed by his future father-in-law for his career choice.

Male nurses make up a small portion of the nursing population. There needs to be more emphasis on increasing the male nurses. It is thought that men can be beneficial especially when it comes to such issues as men’s health and reproduction. If more men can be enticed into the nursing career, it would help with the nursing shortage as well (Men in Nursing, 2011).


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