Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation Assignment

Performance Evaluation Assignment

Much research has been conducted on the effectiveness of the evaluation process that many employers use. This is an especially interesting topic because in many instances an employee’s performance evaluation is linked to pay raises, promotions, demotions, etc. For instance, some of you may have a performance evaluation only once a year (if at all) and there is limited information presented on your professional strengths and weaknesses.


Select one of the Performance Appraisal Methods listed and conduct scholarly research on the method of your choosing.

1.Managemant by objective

2.Multi-rater assesment (or 350-degree feedback)

3. Graphic rating dcale

4. Bahaviorally anchored rating scale

5. Critical-incident appraisal

6. Essay appraisal

7. Checklist

8.Forced-choice rating9

9.Ranking methods

10. Work standards approach

The written component of this assignment should be a minimum of 6 full pages (not including the the title and reference pages) and be cited and formatted according to APA Style.

Additional information:

  • Be sure to use find peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles. World Wide Web articles will not be accepted.
  • The paper must be written in third person. See the “First.Second.Third Person Handout” in the Resources section on the course homepage.
  • When writing the paper, please remember that direct quotes are NOT permitted.
  • Be sure to include page numbers and the appropriate heading in the header of the document.

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