Peer Review

Overview: For this assignment, due in Module Eight, you will evaluate your classmates’ Milestone Three submissions in a small group peer review. This activity will be submitted in the group discussion forum. In order to access this forum, first, click on the link via the assignment title on the module page to access the group pages. Next, click on your assigned group, and then click into the Group Discussion Board under the Group Tools tab. You will then be able to click into the 8-2 Small Group Peer Review: Milestone Three Submissions forum to participate in this peer review. Your active participation in the course is essential to your overall success this term. Opportunities for peer review and feedback will help you understand how colleagues will interpret communications. This peer review offers you the opportunity to express your own thoughts and gain insight from your classmates’ responses to improve your communication skills in developing appropriate criminal justice policy issue recommendations. For this review, you are to evaluate your classmates’ Milestone Three submissions, the public needs and policy recommendations. Post your Milestone Three submission to the group discussion forum per the instructions above. Provide feedback to two of your classmates’ submissions. To ensure feedback is received evenly among your classmates, review the two posts submitted right after yours (located directly above your initial post). If you are the last student to post, review the first two students’ submissions. Consider the following as you create your peer review: 1. Did your classmate, in your view, correctly identify the public needs that are targeted by the recommendations to the departmental policy? 2. Were your classmate’s assessments accurate regarding how adequately the departmental policy addressed needs? 3. Were the suggestions made for improvement sufficiently comprehensive? 4. Did your classmate sufficiently discuss the potential impacts of the departmental policy recommendations on the public and the relevant branch of the criminal justice system?

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