Patterson Auto Sales and Service

Describe 3 specific issues Bill Patterson must consider, based on the facts andcircumstances presented in the case – specifically addressing the survey results.You may use ONLY the facts presented in the case.

For each of these 3 specific issues:

  1. List 3 specific action steps which could be taken. These must be specific enough so that if you handed them to Bill Patterson, he could act on them in a way that would be observable and measurable. For example, “improve customer service” is generic, not measurable, and therefore not actionable (and certainly not an effective action step). “Answer all incoming calls within 3 rings” is specific, actionable, and measurable.
  2. Describe EXACTLY how you would measure each of the action steps. You must be very specific here as well. Specific enough that if you handed them to Bill Patterson, he could implement these measurements immediately.

Your paper must be submitted through the Turnitin® link for this assignment and comply with the following formatting guidelines:

  1. Microsoft Word Document.
  2. Margins 1 inch in each side, 1.5 top and bottom.
  3. Double spaced.
  4. An appropriately formatted (APA) title page. (See instructions in the Syllabus and course Info folder)
  5. Two pages response (not including the title page) minimum.
  6. Bold section titles corresponding to the questions above.
  7. No spelling errors
  8. No grammatical errors
  9. A Turnitin® Originality Score of 25% or less (in other words, more than 75% of the paper must be in your own words.

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