Part 111 Special Population Toolkit

This was the reply from my instructor for job number MNP 165411. Luis, This is an excellent example of a ROL(Job number MNP 165411) Great job. What is missing are the three nursing research studies and effective interventions. There does need to be an effective intervention for use in the toolkit.

For this assignment, Develop an intervention “toolkit” for your intervention. In this assignment, you will create four documents that your toolkit will be comprised of. 

  This toolkit will be utilized by your nursing colleagues to provide an evidence-based intervention to the target population (Opiod Addiction).

   Describe in detail the intervention ( educational program, community activation, health promotion program). 

    Toolkit must include these four documents: 

        1. Documents des cribing how to identify the target population ( questionnaire? checklist? Established screening tool?)

        2. Fact sheet about Opiod addiction.

        3. Outline for nursing colleagues to initiate the intervention.

        4. Resources list ( reading list for the patient; links/downloads for the patient, references for the nursing personnel using the toolkit.

 These four documents need to be on separate pages. 


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