overuse of Opioid

The overuse of Opioid is a public health crisis. Since 1999, opioid-related deaths have significantly increased. According to the CDC report, in 2015 opioid overdose death rate were 33,091. (CDC, 2016). A study reported that the United States spent $78.5 billion annually on opioid, including $28 billion spent for health care. (Florence et al., 2013)

  • What are your though on this article and the quality of care?
  • Identify measures that could be used to evaluate performance in three of these six quality domains: safe care, patient centered care, effective care, equitable care, effective care, and efficient care. Identify one measure for each selected quality domain.
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman font type to write 3-5 pages.
  • All sources should be properly cited and referenced in APA style when used. (3-5 references)

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