Operations Management Questions

**IMPORTANT; follow grading guide attached.

Answer the 8 questions below, each question minimum of 150-200 words. Must be in APA format, please identify the questions on paper. Cannot accept more than 5% plagiarism, it will be submitted to TurnItIn. If you are referencing please do in-text citations.

References: Jacobs, F. R., Chase, R. (2013). Operations and Supply Chain Management, 14th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions. VitalBook file.

*** Feel free to use more than one reference.

****Very very important, make sure you don’t fully reference answers, they must also have examples.

5: Strategic Capacity Management

  • What is capacity management and why is it an important focus for firms?
  • How does one execute capacity planning?

Ch. 17: Enterprise Resource Planning System

  • What are enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and why are they important?
  • How are supply chains enabled and improved via ERP systems?

Ch. 18: Forecasting

  • Why is it important for firms to focus on forecasting models?
  • Compare and contrast the various types of forecasting models.

Ch. 19: Sales and Operations Planning

  • Why is sales and operations planning an important focus for many firms?

Ch. 21: Material Requirements Planning

  • What is material requirements planning (MRP) and Why is it important for manufacturing firms to focus on MRP?

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