Nursing Research

Nursing Research Students this project will allow you to formulate and hypothetically develop your own research project. The purpose of this project is for the student to complete an abstract submission to a specific nursing journal. The assignment must be strictly following APA guidelines, points will be deducted if otherwise (See Rubric). An abstract is a concise summary of a larger project (a thesis, research report, performance, service project, etc.) that concisely describes the content and scope of the project and identifies the project’s objective, its methodology and its findings, conclusions, or intended results. Abstract Outline: -Title of Project -Problem Statement: what is the problem that needs fixing? -Purpose of the Project -Research Question(s) -HypothesisMethodology (Qualitative vs. Quantitative) -Steps in implementing your project -Results (Pretend results) -Conclusion Follow the following guidelines: 1-Student will think about a problem in their nursing career that needs fixing (Example, Increase number of falls in delirious patients in ICU). THERE IS NO MINIMUM AMOUNT OF PAGES AS LONG AS ALL THE MATERIAL ARE COVERED.


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