nursing PP

nursing PP The studies must be within the discipline of nursing (not medicine). The audience will be fellow colleagues within the practice setting. Each student has12 minutes to present to the audience (SPEAKERS NOTES MUST BE DONE ON EACH SLIDE). The assignment should be approached as a presentation of a proposal to implement a new evidence-based intervention/guideline in the practice setting with the hope of securing approval. Develop the PowerPoint slides, using Microsoft PowerPoint software, according to the outline. The following PPT should be included in the presentation: YOU MUST HAVE SPEAKERS NOTES ON ALL SLIDES SO THAT I CAN DO THE VOICE PRESENTATION. APA FORMAT!! 1.Title slide 2.The problem: A complete description of the problem identified and the need within the organization. Convince the audience that this is a problem that requires attention.3.Review of the literature: Summarize the studies reviewed. Convince the audience that you have been diligent and thorough in the search for the best evidence available on the clinical practice based problem/topic. 4.PICOT question: Explain each section of the PICOT question to the audience. 5.Intervention: Describe the new evidence-based intervention/guideline that you believe to be based on the most current, up to date evidence. 6.Implementation: Discuss the implementation process of the new evidence-based intervention/guideline, including a time line. 7.Evaluation: Describe how the guideline will be evaluated the guideline. Include a time line. 8.Implications for practice: Detail the implications for practice focusing on expectations for expected results if the intervention was implemented. 9.Conclusion: End with a brief overview. 10.Include click to add notes on the submitted PPT.11.References should be in APA format. Use two slides so as not to overcrowd the references. YOU MUST HAVE IN TEXT CITATIONS AND THEY MUST MATCH THE REFERENCE SHEET. ALL REFERENCES MUST BE WITHIN 8 YEARS AND BE NURSING OR SCHOLARLY JOURNALS 12. The Power Point presentations should not be more than 12 slides (excluding the title slide and reference slide). Be complete and concise. Remember to use bulleted statements not complete sentences or paragraphs.


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