A nursing philosophy is a statement outlining a nurse’s principles, ethics, and beliefs, as well as their inspiration for working in the field. It discusses a nurse’s education, practice, and patient care ethics from the viewpoint of a nurse. A nursing philosophy will assist you in identifying the values and ideas that influence the decisions you make daily. Each person has their own set of beliefs that influence their philosophies. Consider what is relevant to you when deciding how to write a personal nursing philosophy.

Importance of Developing your Nursing Philosophy

A nurse always comes to a nursing school with preconceived notions. Individual behavior, emotions, and decisions are influenced by these values. A nursing philosophy is based on principles and beliefs.

Nursing philosophy is based on the what, why, and how of nursing as it pertains to you, following your own beliefs and values. You don’t have to say what you think you should say or feel the way people want you to feel. This must come from a place of genuine feelings and values.

A nurse’s nursing philosophy is also profoundly rooted in their personality and evolves. The ideologies written by bachelor’s-level nursing students can vary from those written by master’s-level nursing students. A personal nursing philosophy demonstrates that nurses value patient integrity and long-term care.

Personal nursing philosophies are valued by nursing schools, and they are often required to be written by nursing students. Writing a philosophy, on the other hand, can be difficult because some students write what they believe the teacher needs rather than what is in their hearts.

How to Create a Nursing Philosophy

Identifying your views about the nursing profession is the first step in writing your nursing philosophy. It entails answering questions such as:

  • Why did you choose nursing over some other profession?
  • What kind of person do you think a nurse is?
  • What do you believe is the most important aspect of nursing as a profession?

As a nurse, you can be required to operate in difficult and emotionally exhausting situations. Patients are more concerned about their well-being than with the nurse’s, which may lead to conflict. When things get tough, when you lose a patient, or when a patient gets better and leaves, your convictions serve as a rock.

Your understanding of nursing is influenced by several factors. We all have fundamental values that influence our convictions as human beings. Consider what is vital to you before writing a personal philosophy. Consider your experiences with patients and other healthcare professionals, as well as the skills you gained in nursing school.

A Personal Philosophy of Nursing Students

Nursing is a career that necessitates a strong connection to one’s ideals and beliefs. In the end, the “why” will decide whether or not you make difficult career decisions. Identify the qualities and characteristics you believe a nurse should possess as you plan to write your nursing philosophy article. Writing down your nursing philosophy will help you pinpoint exactly why you want to be a nurse.

Understanding the connection between your “why” and your profession will allow you to dedicate yourself to it. Your nursing philosophy will aid you in feeling emotionally and mentally linked to your job. During your nursing career, maintaining mental and emotional balance is important.

A Personal Philosophy for Practicing Nurses

As a working nurse, you may assume that you put your theory into practice every day at work. As a result, writing your nursing theory can seem unnecessary. As a nurse, though, you will still be under pressure to provide high-quality care. Working long hours in unfavorable conditions and with unfriendly people will erode your values.

The issue of your personality will arise when you work to meet quality demands daily. Taking the time to rediscover your ambitions, dreams, principles, and beliefs, on the other hand, would be beneficial. Taking the time to write down your nursing philosophy would benefit your mental and emotional health.

It will seem futile to write a nursing philosophy, but it will help you conquer burnout and inspire you. This document will ensure that you are enthusiastic about your work and that, after years of dedication, you achieve success.

By keeping in touch with what motivates you, you can conquer these demands by developing a personal nursing philosophy and revisiting it regularly. The reality is that we all wrestle with the issue of personal value at some point in our lives.

In their forties and fifties, professionals typically reached their stride. Rediscovering your enthusiasm for work, on the other hand, means that you can set new goals and inspire those around you.

Taking the time to formally describe your nursing philosophy will benefit you in a variety of ways, both tangible and intangible. This exercise will keep you from being burned out and will inspire you to do your best work every day. It will also assist you in achieving long-term nursing success.

How a Nursing Philosophy can Shape a Nurse’s Career

Your nursing philosophy encapsulates the core values and objectives in the field of nursing. Defining your philosophy allows you to interact more deeply with your convictions. It will help mold you as a nurse and point you in the right direction in terms of which skills and specialties you can work on improving. Any nursing job you have will be influenced by your philosophy.

Your philosophy will be shaped by your occupation and experiences, so it will evolve as you advance in your career. That’s fine. As their knowledge and careers advance, many nurses revise their nursing philosophy.

How to Write your Nursing Philosophy Paper

If you are assigned the task of writing a nursing philosophy paper, follow these steps:

  • Begin by describing what nursing implies to you. It is not necessary for the meaning to be formal; rather, it should be personal.
  • Describe why nursing is important to you.
  • Introduce your principles and characteristics by telling a tale about why nursing is important to you.
  • Describe how you want to use nursing to have a positive effect on society. Providing better care to the underserved is one example.
  • Finish by emphasizing the ideals and convictions that are most important to you.


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