NURSING HOMEWORK HELP 1. What are water soluble vitamins 2. What do water soluble vitamins do 3. Therapeutic use of water soluble vitamins 4. What is vitamin C 5. Food sources of Vitamin C – Insert pictures as well 6. Vitamin C deficiency – Insert picture of person with scurvy 7. Vitamin C toxicity 8. What is B12 9. Food sources of B12 – Insert photos 10.B12 deficiency – Insert photo 11.B12 toxicity BE SURE TO USE INTEXT CITATION AND SPEAKER NOTES. USE THE FOLLOWING TEXT BOOK AS REFERENCE Williams’ Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 15th Edition and one outside source – APA FORMAT IS A MUST Slides can be broken up in any particular format as long as topics are in order and organized and speak notes support topic.


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