Nursing DB_

Nursing DB_AR week 1 250-300 WORDS 2 SCHOLARLY REFERENCES (PREFER NURSING JOURNALS-ALL WITHIN 5 YEARS). APA FORMAT, INTEXT CITATIONS ARE REQUIRED-REFERENCES MUST MATCH IN TEXT CITATIONS AND VICE-VERSA!! The bulk of a posting or assignment needs to be original thought (at least 75%) supported by a reference. CAN USE ARTICLE BELOW FOR A REFERENCE Hunt, D. D. (2015). Understanding nursing research: Nurses must contribute to evidenced-based practice. Retrieved from Discuss how the nurse’s current practice setting supports nursing research. Explain the essential steps in nursing research. Compare the link between research and evidence-based practice (EBP). Explain the importance of nursing research for the professional RN as the role care provider, manager, and practicing member of the profession.


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